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Green  Cleaning

Everything’s gone green even in Texas. Who would have guessed that the color of envy would end up the preferred color of our era? I guess the blues never fully stood any kind of chance. Even the carpet cleaning companies are hovering towards the eco-friendly side of things. An increasing amount of carpet cleaning businesses are utilizing eco-friendly cleaning solutions as well as utilizing eco-friendly cleaning tactics.

Yet even with everything heading eco-friendly there is a misconception that eco-friendly cleaning solutions and products and earth-friendly cleaning techniques are not as effective as their chemically based brethren. This just is a fallacy. So here’s some information on earth-friendly carpet cleaning that won’t leave you singing the blues.

To begin with, back in the day, just about all cleaning solutions and products were simple and mostly non-toxic. Consumers didn’t have all the harmful chemicals that are around today. Depending on your age, mom, or grandma, utilized solutions made by pairing water and vinegar or baking soda to complete a large amount of cleaning. These same items can be used right now to take care of a good number of carpet stains and cleaning requirements.

A mixture of water and vinegar can often get rid of rust spots in your carpet. Ammonia and cold water is known to get out blood. A gentle detergent and water mixture can help with urine if handled right away. If the urine has been in the carpet over 24 hours then you can make use of the vinegar and water. The majority of drink and food items can be taken out with a simple mixture of warm water, gentle soap, and vinegar.

Quite a few carpet companies located in Waco are now using cleaning solutions that derive from more organic components as opposed to unhealthy chemicals. Non-toxic ingredients such as citrus, vinegar, and salt, are now being used more often than their harmful alternatives. This isn’t saying that all of the chemicals utilized by carpet companies are 100% chemical free. But they are generally quite a bit safer and significantly less harmful compared to the alternatives.

Not only are the cleaning materials more eco-friendly, the cleaning approaches are now becoming greener. Today’s current high tech world has given us updated tools and more efficient cleaning equipment that are less wasteful. Steam cleaners work with a smaller amount of water but provide the same, if not better results. There are also “dry” cleaning techniques that use hardly any water at all.

The green movement is very fashionable right now and it seems that everyone is jumping on board. But if you had the choice between a safe, non-toxic cleaning and a far more hazardous alternative, which might you select? The bottom line is that traditional carpet cleaning products and techniques can end up being hazardous and inefficient. Wouldn’t you prefer to have a safer home environment for you and your family if the option were presented to you?

**Green Cleaning Formulas

*Detergent Solution…Mix one teaspoon of mild dishwashing detergent(without

skin conditioner)into a cup of lukewarm water.

*Vinegar Solution…Mix one-third cup of white vinegar with two-thirds cup

of water.

*Ammonia Solution…Mix one tablespoon of household ammonia with one-

half cup of water.

*Note: See ‘Stains’ Page, ‘Spot Removal Techniques’


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